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Learn Blender

The program that I use to create these animations is called Blender.  Some people are surprised to learn that blender is free!  So...where to start learning?  Blender can be confusing at first and I recommend starting with a good beginner course.  There are plenty of good videos and playlists on YouTube for free, so I suggest starting there. However, if you are willing to spend a little bit of money, it'll be worth it.  Below are the places I recommend you start learning.

Andrew Price runs this website and he's one of the big names in blender tutorials. I recommend you start with his Blender Beginner Donut Series on YouTube.

Excellent company that sells really good blender courses. They have a free course to get you started with the basics. And then you can purchase courses that dive into Sculpting, Grease Pencil, or 3D Environments.

CG Cookie is a paid subscription site with TONS of amazing courses for all skill levels.  Use code "jaredowen" for 10% off an annual membership. You can also check out the free basics course and helpful blender tips on their YouTube channel.

This site is run by Gleb Alexandrov and Aidy Burrow, both of which are blender experts. Amazing 3d resources!  3D courses include cinematic lighting, procedural texturing, and hard surface rigging.

(Some of the links below are affiliate links)

Other YouTube Channels I really like:

Blender YouTube Channel

This is the official channel for blender. Stay up to date on what's happen with the newest versions of blender.

Grant Abbitt

Game design and game art using blender. Also has a blender beginner playlist.

Blender hard surface tutorials. One of the founders of The Blender Bros.

Proceduralism in blender using the blender material nodes and geometry nodes.

Curtis is kind of like the blender community guy. He explores new features and shares what other people are up to in the blender world.

This guy creates amazing animation projects and then does complete tutorials on how he did it.

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