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Jared Owen

3D Animator

My name is Jared and I'm an animator from the United States.  I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, and I worked as a software engineer for about five years.  Initially, 3D animation was a hobby for me, but I became increasingly obsessed with it.  Thanks to YouTube, I have been able to turn this into a full time job.  I use a program called Blender to create 3D animations that explain how things work.  I still get to use my programming skills to help me with animating.


I love learning how things work, and  the videos you see on my YouTube channel are the topics that I find really fascinating!  I specialize in animating objects, buildings, vehicles, and space exploration.  I have long list of ideas for future videos and I hope to keep creating for years to come.​


When I'm not animating, I enjoy traveling, biking, reading, crocheting, learning, and spending time with my wife and kids.

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